White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Top Mount | Fireclay Sink Brand Factory

White Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Top Mount | Fireclay Sink Brand Factory


● Dimensions: Exterior Size L32-1/2*W19-3/4*H10 inches (L826*W502*H254 mm), Interior Size L30*W17-1/4 inches (L762*W438 mm).
● Durable Fireclay Construction: Made of high-pressure die casting raw materials, and be firing in the kilns up to 2300°F temperatures over 20 hours, the fireclay kitchen sink becomes a high-end solid used in today’s kitchens.
● Single Bowl Sink: The farmhouse fireclay kitchen sink is designed with single bowl to hold your largest roasting pan, baking sheets, and skillets together.
● Easy to Clean: The fireclay kitchen sinks are reinforced with our signature glaze to lock in its beauty and create a surface that is non-porous and thick for easy, on-the-go cleaning.
● Standard Drainage Hole Size: The diameter of drainage opening hole is standard 3-1/2 inch for installation on the central.

FOB Price: Please send an inquiry to ask for price!
MOQ: 1 Set
Production Capacity: 30,000 Sets
Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A.

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Kitchen Product Type: Farmhouse/Apron-Front Kitchen Sink
Model No.: HG-F2443
Sink Materials: Fireclay
Outer Dimensions: L32-1/2*W19-3/4*H10 inches (L826*W502*H254 mm)
Inner Space Size: L30*W17-1/4 inches (L762*W438 mm)
Cut-out Size: L32-1/2*W19-3/4 inches (L826*W502 mm)
Drainage Installation Hole Size: Ø3-1/2 inch (90 mm)
Bowl Top to Bottom Depth: 10 inches (254 mm)
Minimum Cabinet Size: 36 inches (920 mm)
Number of Bowls: Single Bowl
Number of Faucet Holes: No, the faucet holes will be located in the countertop.
Color/Finish: White
Sink Back Finish: Gloss
Sink Shape: Rectangular
Style: Farmhouse, Cottage, Modern, Transitional
Features: Corrosion Resistant, Sound Dampening, Tight Radius Corners.
Included Parts: Bottom Grids (Free), Strainer Basket (Optional)
Package Type: Combo
Warranty Description: Limited lifetime warranty.

HOMUR farmhouse fireclay kitchen sinks are handcrafted in the old tradition of solid casting, making them stronger than hollow casting. Using the finest raw materials and fired at 2300°F for 20 hours, the HOMURG top-mount white fireclay farmhouse kitchen sinks are made to last for long time. They are both beautiful and extremely durable resistant to chips, scratches, and stains, with a smooth easy to clean surface. They are glazed on all 4 sides and are reversible, so you can choose from a decorative side or a smooth finish.

Why Choose HOMURG as your Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Brand Supplier? The reasons are as below: 

Thick Edge to Build Up Solid Construction

The top-mount white fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink is exclusive high-pressure casted by solid fireclay production for durability and timeless elegance. 2-1/2 inch thick edge solid cast as opposed to hollow cast, makes it a heavy duty sink that is ideal for your kitchen.

Surface Treatment in White

The fireclay kitchen sink is surface treated by glazed white finish, fade-resistant and staying shiny and bright for years to come. Extreme resistance to chip, discoloration, scratching and cracking. 100% non-porous surface provides unmatched stain resistance compared to matte stone or other composite materials.

Single Bowl Fireclay Kitchen Sink

The farmhouse fireclay kitchen sink is designed with single bowl to hold your largest roasting pan, baking sheets, and skillets together. The inner space dimension is up to L30*W17-1/4 inches (L762*W438 mm).

No Faucet Holes on the Fireclay Sink

The design with zero faucet hole on the sink allows for true customization of the placement of the kitchen faucet, soap dispenser and other accessories on kitchen countertop.

Deep Bowl and Sufficient Space

The farmhouse kitchen sink bowl is 10-inch deep, which will reduce splash and conceal unwashed dishes till you can get to them. Sufficient space can put your pots or pans into the kitchen sink for stacking dishes.

Free Grid and Optional Strainer

The farmhouse fireclay kitchen sink is package with free grid with clear legs and bumpers to protect away from impact, and a stainless steel drainage strainer for optional. The wire mesh bottom grid and strainer are removable. The farmhouse kitchen sink can accommodate a garbage disposal by using the strainer.

Apron Front Installation

Distinctive apron front installation with reversible application. The fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink is finished on the all four sides. Suitable for installation with a level, flat bottom and 90 side walls and minimum 33-inch kitchen cabinets.

Note: We do not recommend cutting the countertop until you receive the fireclay sink because the size may vary slightly 2% up or down.

Warranty Supports

The HOMURG top-mount white fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink is supported by Limited Lifetime Warranty. And the best customer service that put you first. Highest independent ratings for HOMURG farmhouse fireclay kitchen sink in the market globally.

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What’s included?

1 x Farmhouse Fireclay Kitchen Sink Bowl in White

1 x Stainless Steel Grid

1 x Drain Strainer with Stopper (Optional)

Note: Mounting hardware are not included.

Welcome to send an inquiry to us, a professional white fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink factory and supplier!

How to Install HOMURG Top Mount White Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink?

The HOMURG top-mount white fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink must be installed by professional construction installer according to the Installation Instructions strictly. The detailed installation steps are as below: 

Kitchen Farmhouse Sink Installation Required Tools:


The Procedures to Install Farmhouse Kitchen Sink are as below: 

Step 1: Prepare the Base Cabinet

 Apply painter’s tape to the cabinets for marking and cutting purposes. This will protect the cabinet from damage while cutting.

● Mark the fireclay cut out on the painter’s tape using the dimension of the fireclay sink’s apron front.

● Cut the cabinet on the traced line carefully by using a sharp saw blade.

Important: The cabinet must be installed, secured, plumb, and level before installing the farmhouse kitchen sink. 

Step 2: Prepare the Countertop

 Ask the professional installer to make a cutout outline based on the fireclay sink. Position it on the bottom of the countertop, flush to the front and centered. Secure with tape.

 Trace the cutout outline and remove. Try fit the sink to verify the measurements.

● Cut the countertop on the traced line carefully by following the countertop manufacturer’s instructions.

How to Install HOMURG Top Mount White Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink 1

WARNING: Always wear safety goggles and gloves when using power tools to prevent personal injury.

Step 3:  Install Support Frame

 Cut two lengths of support frames to extend horizontally along the inside walls on each side of cabinet..

 Measure and mark the support mounting locations. Ensure the sink rim will sit at or slighting below the top of cabinet.

 Position and level the supports.

 Secure the supports with construction adhesive and screws (Not provided)

 Cut the lengths support framing to extend from the bottom of the horizontal supports to the floor of cabinet..

 Secure the vertical supports with construction adhesive and screws (Not provided).

Important: Long screws may damage adjacent cabinets. Ensure the screws are long enough to secure the support frame. But short enough not to go through the walls of adjacent cabinets.

How to Install HOMURG Top Mount White Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink 2

Step 4:  Install the Farmhouse Sink

 Lower the sink onto the supports and verify the sink is supported by the frame..

 Push the sink in to to ensure the apron is flush to the front of cabinet.

 Verify the sink is level. Make any adjustments and shim as needed.

 Secure the sink in place using the hardware provided.

Important: The front sink apron must be secured to the front of cabinet by attaching fasteners through the cabinet front and into the support frame. Failure of the step will lead to product damage.

How to Install HOMURG Top Mount White Fireclay Farmhouse Kitchen Sink 3

Step 5:  Install the Countertop

 Clean the bottom of the countertop and the top flange or lip of the sink with denatured alcohol.

 Apply a narrow bead of sealant around the side and back of the sink.

● Position and secure the sink to the countertop carefully by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

 Apply a thin bead of sealant where the sink meets the countertop and cabinet.

● Remove excess sealant immediately.

Important: Make sure the top of the sink does not extend above the top of the cabinet. Otherwise it will interfere with countertop installation.

Step 6:  Final Jobs on Installing the Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Completely

 Following all the local plumbing and building codes and install the faucet according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

 Connect the drain and piping correctly.

 Check whether there are any leakages by running water into the kitchen farmhouse sink.

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