Some key points must be sure before WC restroom design. 1. What kinds of style you prefer? 2. The exact size of your bar. 3. What is your target budget for WC restroom design? HOMURG design and custom team will supply inspired design ideas or advices for you according to the mentioned key points above. And different WC restroom design ideas will be supplied to you.


WC Restroom Design

WC restroom is a public area in parks, stations, office buildings, restaurants, bars etc. Faucets and sinks, toilets, framed mirror will be installed in WC restroom. A qualified WC restroom is important for public buildings or stores. And HOMURG design and custom team will supply inspired WC restroom design ideas for bar according to the requirements.



WC Restroom Customization

HOMURG design and custom team will customize the WC restroom for customers according to the size and building style. Some sink cabinets and vanities, toilets, framed mirror, soap dispenser, hand dryer and faucets or taps will be recommended and the design drawings will be made for customer’s reference. An ideal WC restroom will be created for publics.



WC Restroom Installation

Associated WC restroom installation service can be supplied for customers. Or the WC restroom installation job can be assigned to related team by customers independently. However, the installation team must be experienced and professional since the installation job is crucial for the WC restroom maintenance for long time.  


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