Two-piece Power Dual Flush Restroom Toilet for Sale (P-trap or S-trap)

Two-piece Power Dual Flush Restroom Toilet for Sale (P-trap or S-trap)


● Front Rectangle toilet bowl and tank set, compact toilet for your bathroom or toilet.
● Made of Vitreous china, and surface treatment by fully glazed ceramics.
● Power Dual flushing system, low water consumption (4.8LPF/1.28GPF on Full Flush, 2.4LPF/0.64GPF on Small Flush).
● Normal Seat Height 390mm/15.4 inches, Two-piece design with high-profile toilet tank.
● P-trap or S-trap Rough-in according to your choice, easy to install DIY or by professional installer.

FOB Price: Please send an inquiry to ask for price!
MOQ: 10 Sets
Production Capacity: 30,000 Sets
Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A.

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Model No.: HG-T040A
Item Weight: 37.6 KGS (82.9 LBS)
Dimensions: 650x370x795 mm (25.6x14.5x31.3 inches)
Materials: Vitreous china
Colour: White
Shape Style: Rectangle Front
Finish: Glazed Ceramics
Package Quantity: 1 Set
Toilet Tank Button Type: Dual Flush Button
Water Consumption: 4.8 LPF/1.28 GPF for Full Flush, 2.4 LPF/0.64 GPF for Small Flush
Flush Type: Gravity Flush
Components Included: Toilet Bowl, Toilet Seat, Toilet Cover, Toilet Tank, Toilet Flush Valve
Drainage Outlet: P-trap or S-trap
Rough-in 180 mm/7.1 inches for P-trap toilet, 250 mm/9.8 inches for S-trap toilet
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Usages: Bathroom or Restroom
Warranty Description: 5 year limited warranty on chinaware parts; 2 year on flushing mechanism.

The  HOMURG HG-T040A Two-piece Power Dual Flush Restroom Toilet is made of vitreous china and fully glazed ceramics and fixed with qualified power water flush valve, washing down quickly and clearly. This toilet stays cleaner for longer.

Quality Construction with Elegant Design
The quality construction of HOMURG toilet is with elegant design and craftsmanship to offer the best quality in styling and functionality.

Easy to Clean Toilet
The skirted trapway creates a sleek surface and makes cleaning to be easy. Compared to other toilets, it has no corners and grooves, very easy to reach for cleaning.

Powerful Flushing Toilet to Be Quiet
Fully glazed flush system, bringing a super quiet and powerful flushing - No clogs, No leaks, and try to keep quiet bathroom environment.

Dual Flush Toilet Valve to Save Water
The HOMURG dual flush toilet is designed to save water consumption. There are two buttons above toilet tank. The big button is for full flush valve. And the small button is for half flush valve. The detailed information is as follows: 4.8 LPF/1.28 GPF for Full Flush by Big Button, 2.4 LPF/0.64 GPF for Half Flush by Small Button (LPF=Liter per Flush, GPF=Gallon per Flush).

High Quality PP Material Closing Toilet Seat
The HOMURG toilet is composed of reliable PP material Closing Seat with Durable Seat Hinge. It is a quick release seat design. Easy to get the toilet seat off to tighten or clean after years of use. The toilet seat is reliable for usage every day for years.

Easeful Normal Seat Height Toilet
The HOMURG toilet is designed with chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most individuals. If you are looking for much more height toilet, please refer to model number HG-T040H (Seat Height 495mm/19.5 inches) or HG-T067A (Seat Height 410mm/16.1 inches).

In a word, the HOMURG HG-T040A Two-piece Power Dual Flush Restroom Toilet for Sale is a high-efficiency, low water consumption toilet for your bathroom or restroom.

Easy to Install HOMURG HG-T040A Toilet

The HOMURG toilet is designed to install easily DIY or by professional installer.  The rough-in for P-trap toilet is 180 mm/7.1 inches. The rough-in for S-trap toilet is 250 mm/9.8 inches.

Easy to Install HOMURG HG-T040A Toilet

The Installation Instructions are as below:
Step 1: Locate the place where the toilet will be kept in your bathroom or restroom.
Step 2: Fit the lock ring on the toilet drainage outlet tightly and then fix the toilet with the external drain outlet.
Step 3: Install Toilet Tank, Flush Valve and flexible plumbing hose. And try it to find whether there is water leakage or not.
Step 4: Adjust the toilet to ideal position and then fix glass glue on gap between the toilet and ground. Now the HOMURG toilet is ready for you!

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