Villa Bathroom Design, How to Do Bathroom Decoration?
Villa Bathroom Design | How to Do Bathroom Decoration?
Villa Bathroom Design | How to Do Bathroom Decoration?

Villa Bathroom Design | How to Do Bathroom Decoration?

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Villa Bathroom Design | How to Do Bathroom Decoration?

When decorating a villa, it often takes a lot of time and experience in the design of living room, bedroom, dining room, etc. However, the villa bathroom is in a forgotten or neglected area. In fact, the design of villa bathroom is also a big issue.

How to arrange the layout of bathroom in villa? And what details should pay attention to?

Villa Bathroom Design | How to Do Bathroom Decoration?

According to the nature of use, villa bathroom can be divided into two types: Shared bathroom and private bathroom. The following points in the bathroom design and layout of villa should be noted:

(1) In the villa building, the main bedroom must have a dedicated bathroom, and other bedrooms can be arranged as needed. Private bathroom layout can be divided into two types:
① Separate the area in the bedroom to form a small compartment in the large room. This arrangement can show the spacious atmosphere of the bedroom.
② The villa bathroom is accompanied by the bedroom wall and is interconnected by door openings. This arrangement can show the neatness and simplicity of bedroom.
(2) During the design and remodel of villa bathroom, you should pay attention to the following details:
① The bathroom of villa should be well ventilated
It is easy to accumulate moisture in bathroom of villa, so good ventilation is the key. The bathroom with reasonable layout should have a dry area and a non-dry area. Therefore, the bathroom of villa must be designed with a wet and dry partition.
② Villa bathroom drainage should be clean
The launching of water is an important part of the cleanliness in villa bathroom. Pay attention to the following points:
I. The height of the floor drain seal should be 50mm to prevent the gas in the drain pipe from entering the room.
II. The floor drain should be about 10mm below the ground, and the drainage flow should not be too small, otherwise it will easily cause blockage. If the floor drain is rough on all sides, it is easy to catch hair and sludge, causing blockage, and it is very easy to breed bacteria.
III. The opening aperture of the floor drain tweezers should be controlled between 6 and 8 mm, to effectively prevent hair, sludge, sand and other dirt from entering the floor drain.

Villa Bathroom Design | How to Do Bathroom Decoration?

(3) Emphasis on the health function of toilet
The most important element in a villa's bathroom should be a toilet. Its function and hygiene are directly related to the health of the user. In addition to health problems, the concept of "villa bathroom revolution" is emerging in the society. The so-called bathroom revolution is the health effect in villa bathroom. Installing a body cleaner for toilet can not only benefit the patients, but also benefit the elderly people.

(4) The plan of bathtub details is important
A hot bath is one of the best ways to relax. The size of bathtub should be based on the size of villa bathroom. And a small villa bathroom can choose a small and deep bathtub. And please pay attention to whether the water heater and the bathtub are matched or not. The water injected into bathtub generally needs 65% of hot water (for example, the volume of bathtub is 300 liters, it should take about 200 liters of hot water). When other people want to take a bath, the bath water needs to be reheated, so the heating capacity of water heater is very important.
If there are two bathrooms in the villa house, and the space of main bathroom is big enough, it is recommended that you have a two-person bathtub installed in the big bathroom. The feeling of bathing with your lover is extraordinary and romantic, and don't ignore such a wonderful moment.

Villa Bathroom Design | How to Do Bathroom Decoration?

If you need to decorate your villa bathroom, please contact the HOMURG Global team and we will provide a villa bathroom design service and customize it according to your actual situation and requirements.

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