How to Remodel a Bathroom?
How to Remodel a Bathroom?

How to Remodel a Bathroom?

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How to Remodel a Bathroom?

It may be that many people have lived in old houses for many years, and the bathroom has largely deteriorated. Everyone may want to have a modern bathroom, so it is necessary to carry out a bathroom remodel. How to remodel a bathroom?

The following instructions are the remodel process of a bathroom. The general process should be as follow: 1. Determine the construction plan. 2. Replace old bricks by new bricks. 3. Renovation of concealed works. 4. Specifically leveling and waterproofing, renovation. 5. Replace old bathroom furniture by new ones etc.
The bathroom remodel processes in detail are as below:

Step 1: Determine the initial plan for construction and demolition.
The first step on bathroom remodel is to determine the construction plan. Demolition and rectification projects and plans are determined based on site conditions and their own needs. It is necessary to consult a professional personal or company at this step and then plan to be prepared.
Step 2: Remove the old brick wall and build a new brick wall if required.
How to renovate the bathroom is mainly based on the actual needs, using professional tools such as hammers to remove ceilings, wall tiles and floor tiles that are to be rebuilt or not needed at all. This step also needs attention. Please don't dismantle the brick wall that should not be removed.
Step 3: Rectify the concealed project according to actual needs.
Bathroom remodel must retrofit old faucets, outlet water pipes or switches. In order to enhance its rationality, especially in the bathroom that have been re-planned and designed at this stage, it is also very important to renovate these hidden places in the bathroom.
Step 4: Leveling, waterproofing, refurbishing.
How to remodel a bathroom? First of all, remove the wall coverings, floor coverings. The surface must be filled with cement. The surface must be applied twice with a waterproof coating after drying. New walls, floors and ceilings can be installed once the waterproof layer has been completed. Finally, to do a professional waterproof test, and make sure that the waterproof layer is not leaking and has dried out before you can lay the tiles in 24 hours.
Step 5: Replace the old bathroom furniture by new ones.
The old toilets, bathtubs, bathroom vanities, framed mirrors, showers, bathroom faucets or taps must be replaced when doing bathroom remodel. And then the bathroom remodel has been finished at last.
The above steps are some of the procedures on how to remodel a bathroom and the refurbishment process. In the process of refurbishment, we must pay attention to these five steps to ensure that the refurbishment work can be carried out smoothly and that the renovation of the bathroom can achieve a good result.

How to design a kitchen?

Kitchen design refers to the rational layout of kitchen cabinets, kitchen utensils and various kitchen appliances according to their shape, size, use requirements and ingeniously matching to achieve the integration of kitchen appliances.

The kitchen needs a user-friendly design. Therefore, except for some standard sizes and heights, the kitchen can be customized according to the user's height. The details are as below:

(1) The width of kitchen pool should not be too narrow. The pool should be connected to the console, and the height of kitchen cabinet above the pool should be measured exactly. Otherwise it will increase the labor intensity.
(2) The width of kitchen countertop should be proportional to the width of kitchen cabinet. Otherwise there will be a possibility of touching the head during operation. Moreover, the opening method of the hanging cabinet is preferably the upper door, which is convenient and practical.
(3) It is better to use drawers for the layout of kitchen cabinets and there will be more storage capacity and easy to use.
(4) It is better to use glass doors or glass frames for the wall cabinets, so that the kitchen will not be too big to be depressed.
And what’s your idea on kitchen design? Welcome to contact our kitchen design team!

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