How to Decorate a Kitchen?
How to Decorate a Kitchen?
How to Decorate a Kitchen?

How to Decorate a Kitchen?

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How to Decorate a Kitchen?

How to decorate a kitchen?

The kitchen decoration is the focus of the entire home design. If many details are not handled well, the use of the kitchen will be affected. Let's take a look at the specific details of the kitchen decoration:

1. Countertop:
The kitchen countertop should be made of fireproof and waterproof materials. If you are looking for kitchen cabinets, it is better to use completed kitchen cabinets. The height of the countertop should be based on the height of the person who cooks most at home. Usually, the height of the countertop should be 80~85 cm. And there should be two countertops with a length of 40~60 cm on each side of the kitchen sink, and the unwashed dish should be placed on one side while the washed dishes are placed on the other side.

2. Top Ceiling Surface:
It is better to hang the full top for easy scrubbing. The top is usually made of PVC, aluminum plastic gusset ceiling. Note that anti-aging materials should be used for celling top surface because the kitchen is under smoke all day and the decoration materials will be aged quickly.

3. Floor
It is better to use a non-slip ground tiles, and the seams should be small to reduce the accumulation of dirt and easy to clean. There should be floor drains on kitchen floor to facilitate cleaning and water drainage.

4. Wall
It is better to use tiles to the top for easy scrubbing. At some homes, the kitchen wall tiles are only attached to a height of 1.8 meters, which is not enough and needs to be subsidized to the top.

5. Lighting
The light in the kitchen should be sufficient, and the light in the evening should be bright enough. In addition, the color of kitchen light should be white. Otherwise it will affect the judgment of the food color and the heat of food. Also please avoid the shadows on the lights and try not to use spotlights.
6. Sockets
There are more and more appliances in the kitchen. You must place their own reasonable positions in advance and secure the outlets. It should be noted that it is better not to share a socket with other appliances. Main appliances in the kitchen include refrigerators, microwave ovens, food processing machines, rice cookers, range hoods, disinfection cabinets, dishwashers, soymilk machines, etc., which should be installed according to their respective power, avoiding a wiring socket by connecting several high-power appliances at the same time. In addition, the socket must be equipped with a leakage protection device.
The above 6 points should be noticed when decorating a kitchen. When doing kitchen decoration, we must think how to decorate the kitchen beautifully and practically.

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