Luxury Shower Fixtures | Antique Copper Shower Head

Luxury Shower Fixtures | Antique Copper Shower Head


● Shower System Consists of: Shower mixer faucet/tap with Diverter, Overhead shower, hand shower, shower rail, shower arm, shower holder and an anti-kink shower hose (150 cm).
● Two Different Showers: The shower set has two different shower outlets, hand-held shower head and overhead rainfall shower head, to meet different requirements.
● Adjustable Hand Shower: The slide rail bar is made of stainless steel, where you can adjust the height of hand shower according to your height.
● Luxurious Brass Shower Tap: The main body of shower set is made of brass and surface treated by chrome-plating to prevent corrosion and keep clean.
● Exposed Installation: Standard Fitting Size of inlet: G 3/4″, Size of outlet: G 1/2″, suitable for your bathroom. Easy to fit and simple to operate.

FOB Price: Please send an inquiry to ask for price!
MOQ: 1 Set
Production Capacity: 20,000 Sets
Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan
Payment Terms: T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A.

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Model No.: HG-H3510
Shower Tap/Faucet Main Body Materials: Brass
Slide Bar Materials: Stainless Steel 304
Rain Shower Head Materials: Brass, Engineering Grade Plastic (ABS)
Rain Shower Head Size: 20 CM (8 inches), Round Spray Face
Hand Shower Material: Brass and ABS, White
Holder Material: Brass and ABS, 90° Adjustable
Number of Handles: Three Levers for mixer valve
Number of Holes: Two (Hot and Cold Water Holes)
Center Distance Between Hot and Cold Water Holes: 15 CM / 5.9 inches mounted hole space
Connections: G1/2" Standard Tapered Threads
Cold & Hot Water Switch: Adjust the Left Lever for Hot and Right Lever for Cold.
Valve Type: Ceramics
Surface Finish: Chrome-plated and Copper Golden Color
Outlets Control Diverter (3 Functions): Overhead Rain Shower, Handheld Shower, Tub Spout
Handheld Shower Hose: 150 CM / 59 inches, Stainless Steel Spiral Hose
Adjustable Slide Riser Rail Bar Height: 70-120 cm (28-47 inches)
Water Pressure: 0.05Mpa to 0.75Mpa
Max. Flow Rate: 2.5 GPM, 20-25L/min without flow restriction
Working Water Temperature: 4 °C to 90 °C
Installation Method: Wall Mounted
Necessary Installation Accessories: Included
Usages: Bathroom or Hotel Shower
Style and Colour: Antique Luxury and Copper Golden Color
Warranty Description: Limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Why choose HOMURG Luxury Shower Fixtures, Antique Copper Shower Head?

Luxury Antique Shower Set
The rain shower set is designed in the style of antique luxury for your high-end bathroom or hotel. It will improve your bathroom decoration style appearance and standard. How luxurious your bathroom will be after installing the antique shower set!

Rain Shower System
The rain shower system is constructed with rain shower head and hand shower. The 20 cm/8" shower plate provides a pleasant rain shower experience. Outcome of a long development process, the thin plate drains quickly after use and prevents water drips after use. Compared to the shower head of other brands, the size is larger and more capable, giving you a more comfortable shower experience.

Adjustable Water Mixer Tap
The water mixer tap is controlled by Cold & Hot Water Switch. Please adjust the Left switch for Hot water and to the Right switch for Cold water. And adjust it for suitable water temperature according to your requirements while bathing.

Three Levers Adjustment
The shower has 3-lever settings, adjusting the water diverter separately for cold or hot water, rain head shower, hand shower and downward outlet tub spout. The diverters of Rain Head Shower, Hand Shower and Downward Outlet tub spout have been displayed on the diverter of mixer valve clearly for users to adjust. In addition, turn the tub spout out for ON and turn it into for OFF.

Solid Brass Construction
Made of high-purity brass, the shower tap or faucet will not burst and escape even in extremely cold environments, resisting weak acid and alkaline corrosion and having a strong resistance to high water pressure.

Durable Filter Cartridge
The filter of shower mixer is made of pressure balance ceramic disc cartridge (anti-scalding), which can run 300,000 times without water leaking. Brass fittings are surface treated by chrome-plating and anti-corrosion treatment, durable for long-lasting usages.

Adjustable Hand Shower
The hand shower spray can be adjusted for use both at different heights angles. Easy to use and meet the requirements of different groups of people. And you can enjoy bath shower harmoniously.

Flexible Hand Shower Hose
Strengthened stainless steel spiral wound hose is tangle-free design and can be flexible in the length of 1.5 meters, convenient for various purposes, such as cleaning your shower and even bathing your pets.

Exposed Design & Easy Installation
The shower kit converts your traditional single-outlet shower into a double-outlet with rain and hand showers by exposed design. Detach your regular shower head and pipe and install HOMURG shower in less than 60 minutes without special tools. Installation is quick and effortless as you don't need to alter the in-wall plumbing. Upgrade your bathroom to a whole new level without extensive renovation!

Bath Shower Renovation
Simply connect to the water supply at your current shower location and use your existing hot/cold holes. Designed to install in any virtually bathroom already with existing shower, a typical installation can be done in less than 1-hour even Do It by Yourself/DIY.

What’s included?
1 x Shower Mixer Valve with Diverter, Hot Water Switch, Cold Water Switch
1 x Overhead Rain Shower Head
1 x Hand-held Shower Head
1 x Shower Hose 1.5m
1 x Slide Bar
1 x Handheld Shower Holder
2 x Adaptors
3 x Surface-plated Decorative Covers
1 x Installation Hardware Pack
1 x Plumber's Tape

Luxury Shower Fixtures | Antique Copper Shower Head

In a word, HOMURG Luxury Shower Fixtures, Antique Copper Shower Head will be the perfect improvement for your bathroom.
Welcome to send an inquiry to us!

How to Install HOMURG Luxury Shower Fixtures, Antique Copper Shower Head?

The HOMURG shower set should be installed by professional construction installer or DIY. The detailed installation instructions are as below:

How to Install HOMURG Luxury Shower Fixtures, Antique Copper Shower Head?

Step 1: Take out the elbows from the box, and wrap the raw material tape (PTFE) on the small end (Over 10 turns).
Step 2: After the elbows having been installed correctly, please install the elbow covers and rotate them into place tightly.
Step 3: Take out the valve and install it. Please remember to install a leak-proof rubber gasket into the water inlet hole.
Step 4: Check whether the shower valve has been installed correctly.
Step 5: Install the slide bar (Please remember to install the handheld shower holder to the slide bar at first).
Step 6: Install the slide bar holder mounted into the wall.
Step 7: Mark the position that needs to be punched with a pen and drill with an impact drill.
Step 8: Fix the slide bar tightly.
Step 9: Fix the rain shower head after wrapping the raw material tape (PTFE).
Step 10: Install the hand shower with connection hose.
Step 11: At last, please check whether the shower set work well and any leakages together with the installer.

Required installation tools for above procedures are as below:
Impact drill, spanner and screwdriver etc.

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