Kitchen Remodel Cost | Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Remodel Cost | Kitchen Design Ideas


● Measure Kitchen Dimensions: Draw a rough outline of your kitchen, record the overall size of each wall, label walls, pillars, windows and doors.
● Locate the positions of electrical socket and switch, water output shut off valves for attention.
● Identify and measure unmovable obstructions for designer’s attention.
● Take photographs by mobile phone of the whole kitchen area and the details for designer’s attention.
● Inspired kitchen design ideas between home owner and designer to confirm the kitchen style and some other details.

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Kitchen remodel and kitchen design ideas are one of the most popular, and also one of the most satisfying, home remodels. A fresh kitchen design not only updates your home and increases resale value, it can make your kitchen a more functional, compelling epicenter of your home. But one of the first questions homeowners will consider when planning a kitchen remodel will be price. What they can expect to pay, and more importantly, what they can afford.

Kitchen remodel cost and kitchen design ideas can vary wildly, not just from state-to-state but also depending upon whether you live in a rural or metropolitan area. Kitchen remodels in the South tend to be cheaper than ones in the North and West with a major kitchen overhaul costing as much as $20,000 less in the South than one in California, for example.

Please keep reading to learn more about the most popular options to consider during a kitchen remodel and the average cost.

Cost Breakdown
The HOMURG’s guide for an average kitchen remodel is as follows:
● Cabinetry and Hardware: 29%
● Installation: 17%
● Appliances and Ventilation: 14%
● Countertops: 10%
● Flooring: 7%
● Lighting: 5%
● Walls and Ceilings: 5%
● Design Fees: 4%
● Doors and Windows: 4%
● Faucets and Plumbing: 4%
● Other: 1%

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodeling Cost?
A kitchen remodeling may include appliances, backsplash, cabinets, flooring, kitchen sink, and a whole lot more. However, the expense of a kitchen renovation hinges on the aspiration, inclination, and budget allocation of the homeowner.

According to an insightful study published in an interior design magazine in USA, half of people included spend between $15,000 and $50,000, and the most common budget for those upgrades is $25,000-$50,000.

However, you could spend a lot more or much less. Their study found that nearly ten percent spent over $100,000 and four percent spent under $5,000. The most common updates were kitchen cabinets, backsplashes, countertops, and sinks.

Although the following figures are for each project done separately, you’ll be able to save on each project when completed as part of a total kitchen remodel. However, these amounts will give you an idea of how much money each specific area of the kitchen will require. Then, you can add items together that you want completed to come up with a budget objective.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs in USA

National average cost: $20,000
Average range: $8,000 - $25,000
Minimum cost: $7,000
Maximum cost: $75,000

Cost to Renovate a Kitchen by Size in USA

Kitchen Size Average Kitchen Remodel Cost
70 sq. ft. $7,000 - $17,500
120 sq. ft. $12,000 - $30,000
220 sq. ft. $22,000 - $55,000

Cost of a New Backsplash
Of those surveyed figures, ninety percent said the backsplash was part of their kitchen revamp. How much a new backsplash will cost largely depends on the material, how much area will get covered, and the price of labor.

The national average is $1,000 in USA, but a DIY with adhesive mats or could be as little as $2.00-$5.00 per square foot. Therefore, the average 16 square foot backsplash is $32-$80, not counting new tools or additional supplies.

Costs to Update Kitchen Cabinets
The national average for 30 linear feet of new cabinets is $5,000. Linear feet are the same as feet. If you have 15 feet kitchen base cabinets under the sink and 15 feet kitchen wall cabinets above, then you have 30 linear feet of cabinets.

The price will depend on whether you choose off-the-shelf, “stock” cabinets, semi-custom, or custom-made kitchen cabinets. For custom-made, you could pay as much as $15,000-$30,000.

However, if you currently have solid cabinets, there is nothing saying you need to replace those, you could repaint, refinish, or reface them and have what looks like totally new cabinets.

Cost to Replace Countertops
The top choice in a kitchen rebuild is new countertops. Ninety-five percent of those doing a kitchen rejuvenation chose to install new countertops. Although the price depends on the material and amount needed, the national average to replace or add kitchen countertops is $3,000.

You could choose Quartz, marble, slate, granite, or a wide variety of natural and manufactured stone materials.

Cost to Update Flooring
The first step in kitchen flooring is to decide if you want to refinish your current floor or replace with a new one. Explore more on the costs to refinish a hardwood floor. The average cost to replace a hardwood floor is $2,500 to $7,000.

Tile is also an attractive option and generally costs about $1,300 to $2,500 for a typical kitchen.

Sinks & Plumbing Costs
The national average for a single-bowl sink is $220 for a thirty-three-inch stainless steel sink; the same size double-bowl sink is $300. These typically cost $380-$400 for plumbing, installation, and hardware.

Walls or No Walls?
Many people, when deciding how to refurbish their kitchen, want a clear view of the rest of the house from the kitchen table. They end up deciding to cut out unnecessary walls. Some walls are load bearing and cannot get eliminated without substantial expense.

Removing a non-load bearing wall cost between $500 and $1,000. However, replacing a load bearing wall with a stretch beam will run between $1,500 and $3,000, and as much as $10,000 for a multi-level home.

Kitchen 3D Program Created by Designer:

kitchen remodel cost

What’s included?
Kitchen Base Cabinets
Kitchen Wall Cabinets
Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen Storage Boxes
Kitchen Storage with Dish Racks
Kitchen Pantry Cabinet (Optional)
Kitchen Island (Optional)
Kitchen Peninsula (Optional)
Kitchen Sinks (Optional)
Kitchen Faucets (Optional)
Kitchen Floor Tiles (Optional)
Kitchen Backsplash (Optional)

kitchen remodel cost

Contracting Your Kitchen Remodel
Quite often, the least expensive and most convenient method of modernizing your kitchen is to use one contractor. That may require him or her to subcontract the electric and plumbing, but they usually use subcontractors they know they can depend on, so unless you have a particular plumber or electrician, let the contractor handle it.

However, there’s nothing saying you have to, but you might be able to get a better deal doing some projects separately; especially if you know someone that specializes in that area.

All pricing information on this page is based on average industry costs, and is subject to variance for project-specific materials, labor rates, and requirements. And the kitchen remodel cost will be varied in different countries and areas. HOMURG will help you to save kitchen remodeling cost on materials and try the best to arrange associated installer or architect to work with you.

Welcome to send an inquiry to HOMURG for kitchen remodel cost and kitchen design ideas!

How to Estimate Kitchen Remodel Cost Inspired with Kitchen Design Ideas?

The average costs of kitchen remodels are different according to different kitchen remodel ways. There are totally three kinds of remodel ways: Minor Remodel, Major Remodel, and Upscale Remodel.

A useful tip for budgeting your kitchen remodel’s total cost is following the “one-third rule” so you don’t overspend on a single area. Essentially, your expenses should be divided into three parts:
● One-third of the cost goes toward new cabinetry or refurbishing the existing cabinets.
● Another third will go toward finishing touches like updated countertops, sinks and faucets, backsplashes, flooring and energy-efficient appliances.
● Your installation and labor expenses are the final third of your total remodeling cost.

Tip: If your kitchen remodel project requires new plumbing or electrical re-wiring, it will also factor into the total cost. This kind of labor is not typically included in the initial quote. Your contractor should be able to provide pricing specifics as needed.

Here are a few tips when considering the design of your kitchen.
Tip #1: Begin taking note of those problem areas in your kitchen. What areas of the kitchen are currently inefficient? Which cabinets or drawers are constantly getting disorganized and cluttered? Which cabinets do you access frequently? What are the main issues with these areas of your kitchen?
Tip #2: Prioritize the areas that you would like to have fixed from highest to lowest. This will help your kitchen designer to have a better understanding as to how you work within your kitchen.
Tip #3: Consult a “Design Build” home interior or kitchen designer. HOMURG kitchen designers will focus on both the design and the building process for you. And the HOMURG team will have the best insight by communicating with you and checking the photos sent by you. And we will open you up to new ideas when designing your custom kitchen cabinets.

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