Kitchen Cabinet and Island Decor Ideas by 3D Design

Kitchen Cabinet and Island Decor Ideas by 3D Design


● Measure Kitchen Dimensions: Draw a rough outline of your kitchen, record the overall size of each wall, label walls, pillars, windows and doors.
● Locate the positions of electrical socket and switch, water output shut off valves for attention.
● Identify and measure unmovable obstructions for designer’s attention.
● Take photographs by mobile phone of the whole kitchen area and the details for designer’s attention.
● Inspired kitchen design ideas between home owner and designer to confirm the kitchen style and some other details.

Cost Estimate: Please send an inquiry to ask for quotation!
MOQ: 1 Set or 1 kitchen project
Production Capacity: 8,000 Sets per Month
Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Foshan
Payment Terms: T/T, D/P, D/A.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinet Type: Custom Kitchen Cabinet According to Design Style
Custom Kitchen Backsplash: Custom kitchen backsplash according to design style.
SKU: HG-KDI8.9/96
Dimensions: Customize According to Measurement Sizes
Cabinet Material: Plywood
Box Material: Particle Board
Cabinet Construction: Framed
Color Family: Based on Kitchen Cabinet Door and Customer’s Choice
Kitchen Style: Based on  Customer’s Choice and Kitchen Cabinet Door Style
Kitchen Area: 8.9m²/96ft²
Warranty Description: Limited lifetime warranty.


Have you become bored with your kitchen design? If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet and island decor ideas by 3D design, you may be able to achieve a fresh new look without having to knock down walls or break out heavy machinery. Here are some points of kitchen decor ideas to get you inspired.How to get kitchen cabinet and island decor ideas by 3D design? The procedures are as below:Inspired Ideas between Home Owner and Designer
When starting the decor process for making kitchen cabinets, we will begin with you by inspired kitchen decor ideas, make sure of the dimensions and layout of your kitchen.Kitchen Floor Plan According to Size:

kitchen island decor ideas size

Kitchen 3D Program Created by Designer:

kitchen island decor ideas

Discover Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets Decor Style:
Kitchen cabinet and island decor ideas by 3D design should not only be functional and improve efficiency, but they should also be an aesthetically beautiful focal point of your kitchen. A large majority of your kitchen’s aesthetics is based around your kitchen cabinets. How to discover your custom kitchen cabinet in an element design style? Please pay more attention to the kitchen cabinet door style.

kitchen island decor ideas

What’s included?
Kitchen Base Cabinets
Kitchen Wall Cabinets
Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen Storage Boxes
Kitchen Storage with Dish Racks
Kitchen Pantry Cabinet (Optional)
Kitchen Island (Optional)

A few of these cosmetic kitchen decor ideas can help create the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted. Welcome to send an inquiry to us for kitchen cabinet and island decor ideas by 3D design!

How to Custom a Kitchen Cabinet and Island with Decor Ideas by 3D Design?

Here are a few tips when considering the design and decor of your kitchen.
Tip #1: Begin taking note of those problem areas in your kitchen. What areas of the kitchen are currently inefficient? Which cabinets or drawers are constantly getting disorganized and cluttered? Which cabinets do you access frequently? What are the main issues with these areas of your kitchen?
Tip #2: Prioritize the areas that you would like to have fixed from highest to lowest. This will help your kitchen designer to have a better understanding as to how you work within your kitchen.
Tip #3: Consult a “Design Build” home interior or kitchen designer. HOMURG kitchen designers will focus on both the design and the building process for you. And the HOMURG team will have the best insight by communicating with you and checking the photos sent by you. And we will open you up to new ideas when designing your custom kitchen cabinets.

Here are a few tips on how to start finding your kitchen in design and decor style:
Tip #1: Take note of your interior style. What kind of interior style for your house? What kind of arts do you prefer to? Once you have a few notes on your total interior home style, your kitchen cabinet maker can often incorporate your kitchen style into the design of your custom cabinets.
Tip #2: Begin collecting ideas by communicating with HOMURG kitchen designers or online. Once you have a collection of your favorite photos, you can show them to your cooperated designer so he or she can have a better understanding your desired outcome.

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